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Tim Wade is a sponsored semi-professional snowboarder (winter, some summer), snowboard coach, personal lifestyle consultant, physical trainer, mountain leader and publicity professional living in the Italian Alps near Turin. With a career experience in communications & marketing paired with top-level networked information & messaging system qualifications and expertise.

Tim professionally sells people and organisations at an affluent UK outdoor pursuits enthusiasts throughout highly noticeable snowboarding quality and creativity. Resulting in high numbers of “never improbable” introductions, then immediately identifying potential interest and contact for his sponsors high-value sales lead pool.

Tim also represents a host of mountainous pursuit agencies and outdoor pursuit service & equipment suppliers, and brings people to Italy for skiing, snowboarding, hillwalking and mountainous pursuits in the Alps. Alongside some watersports, fishing and beachtime leisure.

Through effective sponsor collaboration, alongside professional web, social network integration and search engine optimisation strategies, supported by innovative mountain and piste-side networking publicity; Tim can maximise your marketing and sales ROI, bringing more qualified and wealthy clientele into your sales pipeline.