Turning Adversity, Doubters, & Failures into Fuel for Success

Tim Wade - Pro SnowboarderWith my ebook, audiobook and it’s accompanying workbook, you will also see that success is made up of hundreds, if not thousands of small actions. Some steps are successful, others not so much. But each one is a stepping stone to achieving your overall goal.

Nobody enjoys failing! But you can take some big steps and prepare yourself to remove the sting out of failure. If you acknowledge that failure is a genuine possibility, you’ll arm yourself with the ability to deal with it when it comes. You’ll be able to react appropriately and take the right actions. You won’t lose momentum or confidence in your projects, and you’ll bounce back more determined than ever.

A lot of people are critical and “know best”. They think they do, yet they always seem to struggle to survive. They constantly judge and belittle others. They demonstrate no real success in their own lives.

Let’s be real – “They don’t know best at all”. They are the last people a successful person would frequent or would work alongside, if they wanted to succeed. Successful people or leaders do not want to become the best – they want their colleagues, staff, family and friends to be the best. And to be happiest, contentest and most rewarded they can be, playing their own successful parts in your project or workplace.

That is what my ebook, audiobook and accompanying workbook aim to allow people to learn for themselves. But don’t take my word for it – buy it and find out for yourself. Read it or listen to it and complete the accompanying workbook exercises.

Tim Wade - When Life Gives You Lemons: Turning Adversity, Doubters, & Failures into Fuel for SuccessI appreciate people are sceptical – leave your name and your email address ensuring you “tick the box” and I’ll send you 10 great tips on this list of fundamental elements from my book to PROVE it; as a FREE taster for you. In these free tips I’ll expand on how to:

  • Don’t argue
  • Don’t be needy
  • Prove them wrong
  • Avoid toxic people
  • Build your positivity
  • Just do it!
  • Don’t be afraid of failing
  • Stop sharing
  • Build your cheer squad
  • Stay motivated

I hope you may learn something from the experience. If so good. Otherwise, enjoy! There is a couple of job opportunities offered in the ebook version too! All my best, Tim.

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