Web & Controversial Media

Be it business, charitable, humiliating, hysterical, satirical, sporting or political – Tim Wade has never been slow in coming forward within all forms of media.He deservedly commands reputation and respect for a network of previous business projects, and even some envious hate, especially where exposing fake war veterans and predator paedophiles, exposing corruption or neglect of duty in government, or helping address charitable causes such as veteran issues and homelessness have been concerned. Tim is always interested in further challenges and partnerships surrounding these ideals:

  • Website design and content creation,
  • Creative writing and journalism,
  • Film,
  • Photography,
  • Books & publishing,
  • Printed media,
  • Magazines & newspapers,
  • Political satire,
  • Great charitable causes,
  • All areas of Information Technology – voice, data, video, messaging and systems management.

To talk further regarding what benefits and advantages Tim Wade can bring to your organisation, please feel free to contact TimWade.media at the earliest convenience.